Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hearts and Glitter

It's taken me a bit to get a post put together. I thought life might quiet down a little after school got started but no such luck, at least not up to this point.

So what have I been doing? Preparing for the new Jamberry catalog to come out September 1st. I have a bunch of catalogs ready to send out with sample packs but found that I could not release the catalog until the 1st. So I have been holding the packages. I suspect they will be mailed today or tomorrow. I am aiming for them to arrive in peoples mail boxes on the 1st! So, if you're waiting for a sample pack from me, it WILL get there!

Now, onto my most recent set and what happens to be one of my very favorite combinations. Hearts on a String and Teal Sparkle!

I have worn this combo tice before on hands and toes but I didn't get pictures. :(
My point, though, is that I have done my nails twice before in this combo, then I just did them again yesterday, and I STILL have enough to do my toes and hands again once more each at least! That will be a total of 4 Mani's and 2 (maybe 3) Pedis out of two sets of Jams! Just think, if you took advantage of the Buy 3 Get 1 FREE, you'd get 4 sheets of shields, if you bought stuff that mixed and matched you would be set for MONTHS!
You can visit my store if you'd like to learn more!

Anyway, here is what I did...

Left Hand


In my opinion, the Sparkle line is the easiest to apply. They are a slightly different texture, a touch more flexible before and after heat. They can even be stretched farther then regular Jamberry Shields. And who can pass up glitter? Glitter is awesome, especially if it doesn't take 100% Pure Acetone and 8 million cotton balls to get it OFF again!

So, that's my new set. Applied 8/28/12. It took me way more than 15 minutes to apply, I think I ended up taking, like 2 hours. But, I had one sick 5 year old and a very, very destructive 18 month old on hand. The best part of the application is that I could apply a couple shields and get up and run around without damaging them. The only thing I HAD to be careful about was putting my hands in any water before I had them sealed with a bit of nail glue at the free edge. But I didn't have to walk around like a helpless princess while my polish dried, that doesn't work for me. :D

I was also going to do my toes in the same design but I got lazy, plus, I guess, if I am being honest here... I am still a bit attached to my Flames.

Yep, still going strong! I have been wearing my tennis shoes running every morning and going barefoot every day and look at them! No damage what so ever! This Sunday made... 3 weeks! I've had these on for 3 weeks! Could polish ever match that? Yeah, I never can get it to stay on longer than 3 days MAX.

I REALLY want to change them but I am so curious to see how long they will stay put. Guess you'll have to check back next Monday if you'd like to see if I've changed them!

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