Saturday, August 4, 2012

About my Jamberry Nails and I


My name is Michelle Jaramillo and I am addicted to Jamberry Nail Shields! HA! I am also a Jamberry Independent Consultant which makes my addiction bearable, at least, to my husband!

I discovered Jamberry Nail Shields after a friend had posted something about them on her Facebook page. I saw them, acknowledged them, liked the page, and moved on my way filing the information away somewhere in my brain.

It wasn't until about a week later that I had some time to myself after my 15 month old had gone down for a nap. I figured it was enough time to paint my nails and get them dry so I slapped on some nail polish, got two nice coats on and proceeded let my nails dry. Success! I got them dry, or so I had thought! The monster mess woke up and our day continued. It wasn't but an hour later I realized that my nails did not solidly dry during nap time and that I had a mess on my nails! Some had bubbled, some had scratched, and some had already started to peel. An HOUR later!!

I was so frustrated and mad that the first thing I did was log onto Facebook and go straight to my friend's page to start looking for that post with "those nail things". I found it, read up on them. I found out that they are simply a vinyl type material that you apply to your nail with heat and pressure. That they are NON TOXIC and free from ALL harsh chemicals including Formaldehyde. They are latex free, gluten free, vegan friendly, not tested on animals, and made in the U.S.A.!

I have been in Direct Sales before so I understand the basics, I took a look at the company, I realized that it was still a brand new company with tons of opportunity and a unique and fun product! I didn't even need to try them, I signed up to be a consultant on the spot on Mother's Day 2012!

I did try them, of course. The day my kit came in! And they were everything I thought they should be! I still remember the feeling I had when I applied my first set. I felt put together and pretty! It's funny, really, that a simple thing like putting on some nail shields can make a stay at home mom of 3 feel pretty, but they did!  I don't have much time for myself, ever! So, getting to do a little something for myself that is quick and simple but  comes out looking salon finished, well, who can beat that?! I still get that feeling every time I apply a new set of shields! And since there are so many to choose from I can't get enough of mixing and matching them to come up with fun, colorful, and eye catching combinations!

I decided to start this blog to help others I meet along my "Jamberry journey" learn about and understand Jamberry Nail Shields, as well as to serve as a sort of chronicle of my journey.

You are likely to see tips & tricks to application, new designs and products as they become available, and learn about the Jamberry Business Opportunity, so be sure to follow my blog and leave comments along the way!

And if you're interested in purchasing Jamberry Nail Shields, you can do so easily from my website...

Photo provided by a super consultant on one of the Jamberry Facebook Groups that I belong too!
It depicts how much product she had left after a single application on her nails, enough to do at least 2 more sets!

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