Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1 week 4 days - Yep, still flaming!

Wow! Has it been that long since I have put this set of Jams on? Yes it has! One week and four days!
And you know what? I think my acrylics are suffering more of a need to be filled than my Jams are needing to be replaced!
Left Hand - Looking good!

Right Hand - A little bit rough.
The tips on my right hand are a little damaged, but they always are on my dominant hand. I am always picking and prying at things with my nails that I know full well that I shouldn't be. And while the tips are a bit rough the shields still look pretty good, if you're asking me! They are still attached solidly, I haven't had to fully replace a single shield. I think, a couple days ago, I had to reapply glue to the tips to prevent some lifting after doing dishes most of the day!

My biggest problem at this point... I am getting bored with them! I just want to dig into my stash and find something colorful and vibrant that I can mix it up with! I am addicted! But, I am really aiming to keep these on as long as I can though. I like to show off the longevity of the shields to just about anyone who will listen! So, they'll stay on until my nails (A) fall off or (B) I have them rebased (which will probably happen on Saturday). They probably would stay on longer than that, but like I said, I am getting bored with the design! Though, I have gotten TONS of compliments on my Flames! I guess they are pretty eye catching! Especially with The Hunger Games coming out on DVD on Friday!

Oh! And my new Fall/Winter catalogs are on order! I can NOT wait until they get here! I also can't wait until I get my hands on the new application kits! I've ordered a few of them, my past hostesses and my first 3 hostesses in September will get one as a gift! So request a party today and get yours when it comes in!

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